Toya Delazy

Toya Delazy: 2013

Who can forget this edgy face of LEGiT? Toya Delazy released her first single ‘Pump It On’ in 2011 and since then this rock star has churned out hit after hit, with one of our all-time favourite singles, ‘Heart’ being nominated for Most Gifted Female at the 2013 Channel O Africa Music Awards!

She had this to say about her nomination: “Honoured to be part of the four most gifted African ladies this year! Salute to the fans...”

Toya is not afraid to express her individuality, and this comes across in both her music and personal style, so a new range was born… Toya Delazy x LEGiT.

Forget florals and feminine prints – this winter range was all about dressing like a stylish soldier, focusing on studs and camo as well as black and gold to achieve an army-chic look.

A range that’s on par with the woman herself, the Toya Delazy x LEGiT winter 2013 range spoke volumes for itself, and in true style, this range rocked our world!




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