Punk and Ivy

Punk and Ivy: 2015

Punk and Ivy duo Khaya and Bianca Sibiya have collaborated with LEGiT to create the Don’t Conform range. The latest addition to the LEGiT family will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your unique style with their retro and culture-rich range.

The Don’t Conform range by Punk and Ivy ties in perfectly with our “Don’t tell me what to wear” mantra. And with it, Khaya and Bianca share a story of style and fashion. “Punk and Ivy draws inspiration and strength from a very specific time in our history where our elders didn’t have the luxury of being able to access clothing like we do today. We are the alternative.”

Khaya and Bianca strongly believe in making sure your wardrobe shows off your personality. “Wear what makes you feel great, not what you are told to by mainstream media. You work hard for your money, so build your wardrobe with great pieces that work with your shape, and most importantly, have fun with it.”

We are certain that you will embrace and enjoy this journey with us as we step out and make it clear that We Don’t Conform.

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