Zizo: 2009

Zizo Beda is living proof that dreams can come true… if you stay the course. Thanks to her notoriously strong will and an unquenchable thirst for adventure, Zizo has come a long way from her humble beginnings in Dutywa in the Eastern Cape.

Zizo is hard at work – not only is she a spokesperson for international cosmetics brand L'Oréal Garnier, she’s also wrapping up her degree in journalism. LEGiT found out just what makes this young star shine!

Zizo matriculated from Clarendon High School for Girls in East London, where she was always involved in school activities. “I have always been a hard worker and goal-orientated, that’s for sure,” she confirms. “I am quite specific in what I want, and worked hard to earn every opportunity I have ever had.”

Never one to pull her punches either, Zizo’s the real deal. “I am not good at pretending,” she insists. “I am a very ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of person. My career in entertainment is a reflection of my hard work from day one.”

Whether it’s presenting the South African Music Awards, Selimathunzi or opening a LEGiT store in Windhoek, Zizo is equally happy in front of the camera as she is standing out from the crowd.

As to how she busies herself between formal commitments, she’s quick to point out that there are way too many to cover in our short interview. “I do want to highlight a few though, if I may?” she requests. “I volunteer for the South African National Blood Service and Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation; I’m an ambassador for Garnier plus 49M, and I also work with the Nompumelelo Institute of Leadership.”



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