Refilwe: 2012

Refilwe Modiselle is a woman of colour! Summer 2012 was all about embracing the spirit of sass, independence and confidence, and that’s exactly what she represented.

Refilwe had this to say about the 2012 LEGiT summer range: “I’m honoured to be part of a legacy with amazing women who have been part of this brand and range that I’m so proud of… I think it’s phenomenal, bold, feisty and makes a mark in terms of being defiant of what has been typically done for most fashion brands. I’m proud of this campaign.”

The range encapsulated all things bright, with strong patterns and flowy chiffons – a real girly girl’s range fit for summer! Down to earth and ever-stylish, this successful woman has definitely made her mark with the Don’t Tell Me What To Wear range for LEGiT.



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