To The Power of Anele
To The Power of Anele
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21 November 2011

5fm’s midday to three DJ, Anele Mdoda, packs a punch few may really appreciate. Not only does she co-anchor one of the coolest shows on radio, she’s a social butterfly who can be spotted on Top Billing or heading on down the highway in her flashy Audi A1. LEGiT caught up with her between engagements and got the low-down on what makes her fashion sense fly.

Describe your personal style.
I am very girly, love dresses and pencil skirts. I have a lot of dresses, a lot! So I would say my style is calm and girly. I am not one to go gaga and make statements with my dresses. I like being understated, if only because I have a big personality, so my clothes cannot be loud. Can you imagine?

Who inspires your style?
The owner, Anissa Mpungwe, of my favourite fashion label Loin Cloth and Ashes, as worn by Michelle Obama, gets my nod.

Which beauty or style tip do you live by?
Be comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, you look it too.

What is your favourite local holiday destination?
The Eastern Cape.

Where are you heading this December?
We are currently planning a ladies trip to Thailand, and then with the family at dad’s farm in Elliot.

What are your top five holiday wardrobe must-haves?
Slops, pumps, dresses, turban and eight hour cream.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which fashion essential would you miss the most?
I’m not that attached to fashion really, so I would be fine with anything... Wait who is with me on this island?

Describe your last fashion faux pas.
Dyed my hair blonde in 2003, not my brightest moment... but my hair was... bright!

Do you have an item in the back of your wardrobe that you’ll never wear?
No I give clothes away if they have not been worn in six months, I am a hoarder of note, so I need to check myself all the time, or you will find me buried in clothes.

Pic credit:Total Exposure

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