Gossip Girl: Masasa Mbangeni
Gossip Girl: Masasa Mbangeni
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18 July 2012

Masasa Mbangeni is a beauty best known for her role as Thembeka Shezi in’s daily soapie, Scandal. LEGiT hooked up with her on set to find out what lurks in the back of her wardrobe, her fashion tips and what her favourite footwear is between takes. Being a TV star is not all fun and games, but Mbangeni’s a shining example of a young woman who is confident, committed and passionate about everything she puts her name to.

Describe your personal style
Eclectic, crazy, fun and creative.

What's your number one tip for on-trend style?
To keep it fresh and new. The trick to being trendy is to not follow trends, be innovative, blaze your own fresh and unique fashion sense.

What's your favourite occasion to dress up for?
Award ceremonies. I love dressing up in delicious designer couture. My favourite is Sylvester Falata.

What's your number one spring 2012 essential?
The ever-reliable maxi dress – in wild colours!

Heels or flip-flops?
Heels any day. They’re great for the calves.

What is your most treasured fashion item?
A beautiful faux onyx ring a friend gave me. Accessories make any outfit come to life.

Do you have an item in the back of your wardrobe that you'll never wear?
Spice Girl shoes – what was I thinking?

What are your first-date wardrobe staples? Which items make a fantastic first impression?
You can never go wrong with the classic and elegant LBD, pair that with heels (that give you calves Amazonians would kill for) and you'll have that boy eating out of the palm of your hand.

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