Picture perfect Pearl
Picture perfect Pearl
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14 March 2012

TV presenter, actor, model and businesswoman, Pearl Thusi is the epitome of the complete package. Stunning good looks, married with real talent makes her a favourite amongst Twitter and Facebook fans keen to get the inside track on this mover and shaker. LEGiT found its way into her wardrobe and this is what she revealed.

Describe your personal style
It’s ever changing and ever growing, based on emotions and mood at that moment in time. Whatever I wear captures all of me, inside out at that moment in time. For a standard answer, I base style on comfort, individuality and simplicity.

What’s your number one tip for on-trend style?
I don't really believe in trends, but just make sure you find and get whatever style or trend suits you in the right colour and size. Never underestimate what your body can look like in things you would never wear. A trend is nothing without confidence and a great and comfortable pair of shoes to stride it out in.

What’s your favourite occasion to dress up for?
Church. If I dress up for dates and events, I go all out for Jesus.

What is your number one summer 2012 essential?
My head wraps. They keep me looking neat. I also don't enjoy perspiring through the day.

Heels or flip-flops?
Depends. It’s not fair to make me choose! Flip-flips when I can, as heels can really damage your feet if worn all the time. Give your feet a break as often as you can and in my case I'm never keen to rock already rocky toes.

What is your most treasured fashion item?
Funny enough, its something I've never worn before. A dress my mother kept for her first daughter, way before she had children. I'm waiting for an unbelievably special occasion to wear it.

Do you have an item in the back of your wardrobe that you never wear?
No, I tend to give those away. If I have one, then it must be hiding really well!

What are your first-date wardrobe staples?
I love wearing my army-style boots. They make me look strong and are probably one of my favourite pairs. Every girl should have a sexy pair of jeans, T-shirt and a winning jacket to keep it together. Make sure your hair is in good condition in case he's a touchy kisser and ends up somewhere behind the neck or under the weave. Smelling good is a style that’s remained throughout the ages – if that is not in check your outfit could be rendered useless.

Which items make a fantastic first impression?
A respectable looking pair of shoes, not too glam and not too relaxed either. You shouldn't look like you tried too hard. Nothing you wear, in my opinion, does that apart from an understated yet sexy, relaxed demeanour with which you carry yourself. With that in hand any ensemble will surely benefit you to the better.

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Image credit: Pearl Thusi

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