“It’s a confidence booster for me, knowing that young girls follow me and look up to me. I’m finding myself, my style and my talents through social media.”

Landiwe Gama, mostly known as Landzy, is a 20-year-old Media & Journalism student at Wits. She is extremely passionate about fashion and other forms creative expression. She is also a strong believer in female power and using her talent to empower and uplift those around her.

She describes her hustle as “a journey of self-discovery”. Her ultimate dream is to become a Journalist. She however believes in excelling in every aspect of her life. Landiwe continues to be a positive influence and an inspiration to many of her online followers, through her bold and unapologetic personality.

Landiwe is currently working on launching her YouTube channel as well as starting her own pad-drive for young girls.

Landiwe is all about mixing old and new in her fashion style.