“Believe in yourself and your abilities even when you can’t. The term “fake it till you make” it is real. If it doesn’t work out, so what, I have more respect for the person who tried than the ones who did nothing but have the most advice.”

Tracy-Lee Rosslind is a celebrity stylist, TV presenter, producer and motivational speaker. She is very active about her style and fashion hustle across all her social media platforms. She is exceptionally passionate about local and ethical fashion.

She styles not only herself but all her TV clients exclusively in local fashion. Tracy-Lee also prides herself on finding fresh new talent and she dedicates her time to ensuring that she always creates a brand-new look.

Tracy-Lee worked her way from being in front of the camera to behind it by specialising in a host of departments from producing to casting and styling. They call her a magician because of her ability to magically fix whatever goes wrong on set. Her clientele consists of some of the best artists in Africa.