My relationship with fashion started a long time ago. For me It’s always been about making a statement. Being able to dress-up in different styles gave me the ability to express the many different sides to my personality.

Like with this outfit. On the real y’all.

I had the best time putting it together. I think it’s edgy, sexy and stylish. Also creating gorgeous make-up looks to go with it was just a blast!

I’m a big lover of a good leather jacket. The range and colours of faux leather jackets is amazing and finding this piece was an awesome treat for me. And Lingerie, that’s a very important staple in my wardrobe. I love wearing detailed bras.



Instead of keeping the sexy hidden, I decided to make it the centrepiece like how I did here with a bodysuit and paired it with well-fitted pants.

I love this look with both high waist and low waist jeans.

I’m also a big fan of these velvet combats styled boots, I’ve seriously been living in them for like every day. They were a big trend during the winter season, but I think they’re just so HOTT they’ll continue turning heads even during spring.

To add a bit of colour I played with a red bandana and finished off the look with Smokey eye make-up to bring out the drama.

TIP: It’s very important to keep your skin extra hydrated, if you want your foundation to look flawless and dewy.


Written by Tracy-Lee Rosslind