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Your LEGIT store

Where is my nearest LEGIT store?
You can search for your nearest LEGIT store online, using our handy store locator, click here. Should you need further assistance, you can contact us at

I've seen a stunning LEGIT item, but I need to know:
• The price
• What sizes are available
• Whether my nearest store stocks it

Please send a picture or description of the item to and we will send you all of the information you need.

Why can't I find LEGIT clothing in my size?
Legit stocks sizes from a 26 to a 40. We stock sizes according to retail-buying patterns and trends of a specific store which we get from marketing research. Our Buying and Planning department assign stores with certain sizes and quantities based on these buying patterns and this is the reason that you will sometimes find that you may get limited stock available in certain sizes or styles at our various branches.

LEGIT Competitions

Why we need your ID number, contact number and address:
Edcon has amended its Competition policy based on the The Consumer Protection Act. According the updated policy, all winners must provide the above mentioned details before we dispatch a prize in order to ensure that the prize is handed to the correct person and not an impostor. This request is made in the customer's best interest.

When entering competitions:
Read the Terms and conditions carefully. This will be explicitly stated underneath the call to entry of the the competition page.

LEGIT competitions are open to:
All residents of South Africa aside from employees, directors, members, partners, agents or consultants of Edcon (Pty) Limited ("Edcon"), the sponsor of the prize, their respective advertising and promotional agencies, media and PR agencies, or the family members, consultants, directors and associates of such organizations and persons.

LEGIT Magazine

Why does my LEGIT magazine only arrive once every three months?
LEGIT magazine is a quarterly publication, which means that we only publish on issue every three months, one for every season. This is why you will only receive one issue every three months.


What is a lay-by?
A lay-by is an easy way of paying off an item that you want to buy. You simply pay a deposit and then pay off the item in monthly instalments.

Isn't that the same as hire purchase?
No. With hire purchase you receive the item as soon as you have signed the credit agreement, and you then pay it off in instalments. A lay-by works differently. When you take a lay-by, the item you have bought remains in the shop until you have paid off all the instalments.

Do you charge me to store the item I've bought on lay-by in the store?
No, we do not charge you to keep the item you have purchased in the store. In fact, you don't pay anything extra over and above the purchase price of the item.

How is a lay-by different to the LEGiT credit facility?
With our credit facility we issue you a card that you can use to make purchases. You receive the goods and then pay them off in instalments. Your card has a credit limit and you pay interest on your credit purchases.

Do I pay interest on a lay-by?
This is the other difference between a lay-by and hire purchase. With a lay-by you don't pay any interest or other fees.

How much deposit do I have to put down?
We ask that you put down a 10% deposit on lay-by items.

How long do I have to pay off my lay-by?
You have three months to pay off the items you buy.

When do I get the items I've bought on lay-by?
You receive your goods as soon as you've paid the final instalment.

Can I save money with a lay-by?
Yes. The big advantage of a lay-by is that it's cheaper than hire purchase. It helps you to afford the item you want by breaking payment into instalments, without it costing you anything extra, because there are no interest charges.

What about if the item is damaged while I'm paying it off?
Because the item remains the property of LEGiT while you are paying it off, if anything happens to it we take responsibility, and will replace it for you.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Your lay-by agreement must be in writing and both you and the seller must sign it. The contract will contain a description of the time you are purchasing, the purchase price, the deposit you must pay, the number of instalments, and the instalment amount. The contract also explains all your consumer rights when you take a lay-by.

Do I get a copy of the contract?
Yes, you will get a copy of the contract to keep for your own reference.

How old must I be to take a lay-by?
You must be at least 18 years old to enter sign a lay-by agreement. If you are under 18, someone else, like a parent, can sign lay-by for you. It is still your responsibility to pay the instalments.

How much are the instalments?
That obviously depends on the purchase amount. We divide this amount into three equal instalments, payable each month. You will be told what your instalments will be before you sign for the lay-by.

Will I get receipts when I pay my instalments?
Yes, you will receive a receipt for each instalment that you pay.

What if the price goes up while I'm paying off my lay-by?
This won't affect you, as you signed the lay-by agreement before the price went up, so that remains the price that you pay.

What must I do if I can't pay an instalment or can only pay it late?
It is very important for you to contact us as soon as you know that you won't be able to pay the instalment on time, so that we can make alternative arrangements with you.

Can you cancel my lay-by?
Your lay-by can be cancelled if you do not pay an instalment. However, you must receive 30 days' notice of the intention to cancel your lay-by, and if you pay the outstanding instalment within that 30-day period, your lay-by will not be cancelled.

What if I want to cancel my lay-by?
You have the right to cancel your lay-by while you are still paying it off. If you do so, we will refund you all the money that you have paid so far. Please note, however, that we may charge a cancellation fee. This fee is stipulated in your contract.

What happens if the goods are damaged and I can't get them after I have paid off my lay-by?
If we are unable to supply you with the goods you have bought (for example, if they are destroyed in a fire), you can either get a refund of all the money you have paid so far, or you can choose to replace your goods with other similar items from our stores.

Working for LEGIT

I'd like to model for LEGIT. How do I apply?
LEGIT sources models via casting agencies. We'd suggest that you sign up with a professional modeling agency and they will put together a modeling portfolio and arrange a casting for you.

I'd like to work at my nearest LEGIT store. How do I apply?
You can apply for a position at your nearest LEGIT store, by introducing yourself to the manager and presenting them with your Curriculum Vitae and an application letter. The manager will hold on to your CV until a position becomes vacant. Apply during busy periods, such as over the December holidays as there will be a greater need for casual staff during this time.

I'd like to work for Edcon. How do I apply?
To apply for a position at Edcon, e-mail your Curriculum Vitae and your application letter to To view the list of available positions at Edcon, have a look here:


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