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Hi there fashionista, so you want to use Facebook to stay connected to the fashion world? That’s a really cool idea! It’s super easy to set up an account and start liking your fave fashion brands!

First, a few Facebook words that you need to know:

Like: This is a button with which you can show your appreciation for something. It’s also a method of connecting to pages.

Newsfeed: This is where your friends and family’s latest updates are displayed, as well as the latest news updates from brands.

Status update: A status update is a short message/shout out to your Facebook friends.

Profile: This is an account that belongs to an individual.

Page: A page belongs to a brand, organisation or company.

So now that you know these words, here’s the lowdown on how to get started.

1. Sign up

To start, go to http://www.facebook.com/ and fill in your name, surname, e-mail address, gender and age.
The sign up process will also require that you choose a password. Make sure that this password is easy to remember, but not too obvious – you don’t want people to hack into your profile!

Once you’ve selected your profile you’re in! Yay!

2. Add friends

Facebook is not only about staying connected to your favourite fashion brands, but also friends and family. Therefore, once you’ve signed up, Facebook will suggest a few people that you might want to add as friends.

It will also give you the option to add friends via their e-mail addresses. So, if you’ve got your bff’s addie and you know she has a Facebook account, you can just type it in and Facebook will connect the two of you!

Easy peasy, right?

3. Enter your profile info

Tell everyone a bit more about yourself – write a bio, select the school/college you attended and add a few of your interests.

You don’t have to do this immediately; you can always come back to this section!

4. Upload a profile picture

It’s very important to upload a profile picture for people to recognise you. This picture can be of you and your bffs or only you – you choose!
Just remember that a lot of people will be seeing this photo, so it should be tasteful and classy.

5. Start liking your favourite fashion pages

You now have your own profile, congrats! You can now start liking the Facebook pages of fashion brands.
You can add pages to your newsfeed by going to the search bar at the top of the page. The search bar is the white box that says, “Search for people, places and things.”

Type in the name of the brand you are looking for, e.g. LEGiT fashion, and press ENTER.

You will then be presented with a list of search results. Next to these results you will see a button that says, “LIKE”. Click on this button to add the page to your newsfeed.

Once you’ve added the page to your newsfeed you will be kept in the loop about all their competitions and news. How cool is that?!

If you’re wondering how to find your newsfeed, don’t worry – it’s simple! Once you log into your account your newsfeed will be the first thing that you see! If you’re browsing Facebook and you want to be taken back to your newsfeed, you simply have to click on the button that says “Facebook” in the far left corner.

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So you’re a fast paced fashionista who’s always connected? Get set up on Twitter and you’ll never miss another piece of trending news, hot off the fashion press!

1. Sign up
Connecting to Twitter is so easy, and so addictive! Simply go to twitter.com (on your PC or your phone) to sign up for an account. You’ll need to fill in the following information: your first name, last name, e-mail address and chosen username (your @name).

You can choose any @name you like: choose a nickname or make one up (ours is @legitfashion)! Once you’ve chosen an available @name, you’ll choose a password that you’ll use to sign in – remember to make this a secure password that no one else knows, and never leave it lying around.

Once you’ve set up your account, it’s time to sign in and customise your profile!

2. Set up your profile
Setting up your profile is easy – you’ll need a picture of you, a link to your blog handy (if you have one) and a short snappy bio (no more than 160 characters!).

Go to the profile tab on Twitter, upload your picture, choose your background (if you have your own that you’d like to use, you can upload one too) and enter your bio!

Now you’re all set up!

3. Follow some people
Once you’re in, it’s time to find some people to follow. You can search for your friends using your address book, or just find your fave fashionable celebs. Anyone you follow will be added to your feed and you’ll see all their tweets in your updates.

Keep up with people on your timeline (that’s what your feed is called) by logging into Twitter regularly to see what they’re talking about – your home page will be your Twitter feed that shows all the tweets from people you follow.

You can look at anyone’s profile on Twitter, as long as it’s public, even if you don’t follow them. The great thing about following someone is you don’t have to go to their profile to see what they post – it’ll be delivered straight to your feed!

4. Share the cool stuff
Once you’ve started following some people, it’s time to start tweeting! Tell your timeline about anything interesting happening in your day, tweet about what you’re thinking about, or anything!

If someone tweets anything really cool, click the retweet button! This is a way of sharing others’ tweets to the people you follow. You’ll see the retweets of the people you follow in your timeline, and anyone who follows you will see your retweets.

5. Tweet someone
If you want to say something to someone on Twitter, click reply on their tweet, or write a tweet that begins with their @name. eg:

@legitfashion I love my heels!
They’ll see your tweet in their mentions tab and can reply to you too! It’s a great way of having quick discussions with your friends over Twitter, or discussing your latest great purchase with someone!

6. Private messaging
For more private info, use Twitter’s direct message (DM) function! You can DM anyone who follows you: just go to your inbox under the settings menu, and click “new message”. Then type in their @name and send them a message. You can also DM anyone who follows you directly from your profile.

7. Cool features
One thing you’ll definitely need to know about on Twitter is a hashtag! A hashtag is a great way for tweeters to signal what they’re talking about and create a collection of tweets on a topic. Hashtags are easy, they’re any uninterrupted (no spaces) word with a # key in front of it. Eg: #LoveLEGiT

Although most updates on Twitter are just text (words), you can share anything on Twitter! Share a link to your favourite video, upload a picture of yourself by clicking on the little ‘camera’ button when you write a tweet, or just share a link to your favourite blog by copying and pasting the link into your tweet.

Another great feature of Twitter is the list function – create lists that you can go back to, to look at more focused updates. For eg: “awesome fashion bloggers”. To add someone to a list, just go to their profile, click on their profile menu and click ‘add to list’. You can create as many lists as you want – for friends, for your favourite fashion designers, for favourite celebs – go crazy!

You can use Twitter on your desktop or phone, and if you sign up, you can even update Twitter via SMS! Use the twitter site at twitter.com or check out any Twitter apps that might be available for your phone.

P.S: Follow LEGIT at twitter.com/legitfashion

Here’s a reference list of some of Twitter’s buzzwords:

Tweet: A tweet is a single update in 140 characters or less, posted by someone onto their timeline. Tweets can be read by anyone.

Tweeter: Anyone who tweets.

Timeline: Your timeline is the feed of all your updates from the tweeters you follow.

Follow: Following someone on Twitter is a little like adding a friend, and a way of saying to someone “hey, I think you’re really cool!” When you find tweeters who post interesting or relevant updates, click follow and you’ll get all their updates in your timeline.

Follower: Anyone who follows your tweets.

DM: A private inbox message that can only be seen by the sender and the recipient. You can only DM anyone who follows you. Anyone who you follow can DM you.
Hashtag: A hashtag is a tag beginning with a # key. Any hashtag will turn into a link, and clicking on it will bring up any other tweets using that hashtag.

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So you’re a fashion expert who loves collecting fashion inspiration? Get onto Pinterest and you’ll be able to create beautiful fashion collections from your Pinterest profile.

Some things you’ll need to know before you start:

Pin: A pin is an image that has been added to a board – it’s called a pin because the shape of posts on Pinterest is like pictures stuck to a pinboard!

Board: A board is a collection of pins. Pins are all organised by board.

Repin: A repin is a pin initially posted by someone, that’s then been reposted onto someone else’s board. You can repin anything posted on Pinterest onto your own board.

1. Sign up
To sign up for Pinterest, all you have to do is go to Pinterest.com. You have three ways to sign up:

a) Connect to Facebook
If you’re already on Facebook, simply sign into Pinterest with your Facebook details and you’re ready to go! Pinterest will import your Facebook profile picture and all your information, and your profile will be all set up and ready for you.

b) Connect to Twitter
If you already have a Twitter account, simply sign into Pinterest with your account details, and your profile is ready! Your Twitter profile picture will be added to your Pinterest account, and all your details will move onto Pinterest too!

c) Sign up with your e-mail address
If you don’t use Twitter or Facebook, you can sign up for Pinterest using your e-mail address. Simply click the “sign up” button, fill in your username, e-mail address, password and gender, and you’ll be signed up!

2. Your profile
You’ll start out with a profile that has a few pre-selected Pinterest boards: these are boards that come standard on any Pinterest profile. What is a board? It’s a collection of images centred around a theme, topic or subject of some kind. 

3. Look around
Pinterest is all about pretty pictures, so once you’re signed up, take a look around. The super search bar will help you find stylish pinners and pins to add to your own board – try searching for “fashion”, and click on the “pins” and “pinners” tabs to find people and pretty pins that you can add to your boards. Find something you like? Click repin to repost them onto a board of your own!

4. Your boards
Pinterest will automatically create a few standard boards for you, but if you want to create your own, just delete theirs and add your own – you can name and create them according to your own themes and ideas. When you find something you like on Pinterest, click repin and you’ll be asked to select which board you’d like to pin to! Everything you pin will be added to your boards.

You can click on your board from your profile to find any pins belonging to that board.

5. Share cool stuff on Pinterest
To pin stuff you like from other places on the Internet, install the “Pin It” bookmarklet onto your browser (it’s so easy: just click here) and, when you see anything you like while browsing, just click on the button on your bookmarks bar to add it to your board!

You can also upload pictures onto Pinterest, by clicking the “add” button on the top bar of Pinterest and clicking on “upload a pin”. Select the file you want to upload and which board you’d like to add it to, and it will be added. You can pin videos on Pinterest too, and the best part is you can watch videos that others have posted from within Pinterest, without clicking to the video’s original link!

You can even create a group board on Pinterest! Create a board on your own profile, and enter your friends’ e-mail addresses into the space provided to allow them to pin onto your board.

Check out our Pinterest page for inspiration at pinterest.com/legitfashion.

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Hi there social media-savvy-stylista! So you’d like to find out how to create a Mxit account? Well, it’s really easy!
Here’s the lowdown.

1. Download Mxit
Firstly, you have to download Mxit onto your mobile phone – registration is free!
Go to http://m.mxit.com in your phone's web browser, and then click on “Download Mxit” to start downloading. Once you’ve done that, click on the downloaded Mxit icon.

2.  Register
You have now successfully downloaded Mxit onto your phone, well done! Now you only have to register your details to start chatting away.
Once you’ve opened the downloaded Mxit icon, you will be asked to choose a Mxit ID.  This is the name your friends will use when they want to add you as a contact. LEGiTGIRL or LEGiTSista are examples of IDs. Your Mxit ID can show your uniqueness, or it could be your cellphone number – you choose!

Remember, suggestive nicknames can give off the wrong impression. So use your discretion!

3. Add friend contacts
It wouldn’t be a social network without friends, right?

So here’s how to add friends to your Mxit.

Click on “add contact” and enter your friend’s Mxit ID. (You will need to ask your friend these details. Your friend will then get an invitation from you which they can accept, reject or block. This is means that no one can add you as a contact without getting your permission first. Phew! That’s a relief!

If you do not get a response from your contact or friend it is because this person has not accepted your invite or has blocked you.
Remember, it’s not safe to accept friend requests from strangers!

4. Get to know the different Mxit facets
On your homepage you will find contacts like Info, Tradepost, Wallet, Gallery, Settings, Games, Chat Rooms and more.
Info is packed with all the information you need to know about Mxit.

Tradepost is the place where you will find all the latest content, current competitions and the coolest apps, ringtones, skinz and games. You will have to buy these special features with moola.

Moola is Mxit’s own virtual currency, available for users to purchase in order to buy goods and participate in chatrooms.

Gallery is where you can save some of your chat conversations and images.

Wallet shows you your current moola status.

5. Add your fashion contacts
To add a fashion brand as a contact, go to Tradepost > Brands and Shopping > Fashion and beauty and choose the brand you’d like to add.

Once you’ve chosen a brand it will appear on your homescreen. You can then access the brand’s competitions and latest news. It’s that easy!

If you’d like to add LEGiT as a contact just go to Tradepost > Brands and Shopping > Fashion and beauty > LEGiT.

Add LEGiT as a contact and you can download awesome wallpapers and check out the latest fashion that we have in store!

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Getting the backstage view of fashion is a cinch with YouTube! Just go to YouTube.com to access all the backstage info on your favourite fashion scene.

1. Sign up
You don’t need an account, but sign up for one and you’ll be able to access your favourite fashion, favourite the videos you want to go back to, and subscribe to your favourite channels (find LEGiT’s videos on our fashion channel: youtube.com/legitfashion).

To sign up for YouTube, you’ll need to have a Google account. If you already use any Google services, like Gmail or Gtalk, you already have a Google account! Simply sign into YouTube with your Google details and you’re ready to go!

If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for one by clicking the sign up button on YouTube, fill in your first name, last name, age, gender, username, and password to sign up. Your Google account can be used for many services, and requires very high security, so choose an extra safe password and keep it somewhere private – make sure it’s something you can remember easily so you don’t have to write it down anywhere.

2.  Watch something
YouTube makes it super easy to find what you’re looking – search by keyword, creator, or content (try searching: “Minnie Dlamini fashion”) and you’ll be given a list of results that match. YouTube will even suggest videos you might like!

3. Rate and share your faves
When you watch a video, you can like it by clicking the thumbs up underneath the video, favourite it in case you ever want to watch it again, and share it on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the share buttons. Plus you can comment on your favourite videos.

4. Upload a video
If you want to share something on YouTube, you’ll need to create a video! It can be anything – you talking to a camera about your favourite fashion tips, or a video of your favourite fashion in your wardrobe! Uploading it to YouTube is easy: click the ‘upload’ button on the top bar of YouTube, and select the file from your desktop or phone! Then give it a name and it will be added to your profile. It’s like having your own TV channel!

Share your video on Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest so your friends can see it!

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Are you a fashionista who loves snapping pictures of your day-to-day outfits, your fave accessories and a super cute selfie with your bff? Then Instagram is perfect for you!

1. How to download

Firstly, you’ll need a smartphone to use Instagram. For you ladies who don’t have smartphones, we suggest that you post your pretty photos to Facebook!

If you have an Android phone, go to the Play Store and download Instagram. It’s free!

If you’re using an Apple device just go to the App Store on your phone/tablet and download Instagram. It’s that easy!

Once you've downloaded it, create an account.

2. Creating an account

To create an account you'll need to pick a username (make it fun and personal), enter your name and e-mail, and pick a pretty profile picture to upload. You can also enter a bio that tells people a little bit about you. If you have a blog it's a great idea to put the link in your bio!

3. Posting

Open Instagram and take a picture. Choose a filter, or add a border to your picture. Have fun!

4. Sharing

Once you’ve chosen a filter you can share your photo to your social media pages in one simple click.

That way all your friends will be able to see it, even if they don’t have Instagram.

5. Get social on Instagram

Following other people is one of the best parts of Instagram - once you follow someone, all their pictures will appear on your Instagram feed. To follow someone, just go to their profile and click the follow button. Ask them to follow you too!

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