What he says: Flirty or frumpy?
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19 March 2012

Flirty or frumpy? Our resident guy write rates these red carpet looks.

What he says: Flirty or frumpy - America Ferreira - LEGiTimate Fashion
The little black dress: updated
How can you go wrong with a little black dress, especially if you’re known as the lovable TV series character Ugly Betty. America Ferreira’s little black dress is a timeless classic that will add class to any function and definitely grabs attention. It’s just short enough to show off her killer curves while the flow of the dress compliments her figure. The frills do make the outfit seem a little frumpy though. But this outfit is most definitely a winner.

What he says: flirty or frumpy - Blake Lively - LEGiTimate Fashion

Leopard print heels
I’ve never been a fan of leopard print, mainly due to its popularity amongst contemporary cougar-type moms and its association a variety of other fashion faux pas. Blake Lively’s look is very Wizard of Oz, if Dorothy decided to ditch her farm apparel in favour of haute couture. I think the cut and colour of the dress is very flattering on its own. Not sold on the shoes though, perhaps she should’ve gone for ruby slippers?

What he says: flirty or frumpy - Zoe Saldana - LEGiTimate Fashion

Nudes and metallics
I have a problem with nudes in that they tend to wash-out the subject. Its simplicity that you’re after but if they match your skin tone too well you could be drowned out by your outfit. In Zoe Saldana’s case her outfit is elegant in its simplicity, with her complexion matched perfectly with the long toga-esque dress. Metallics have a certain retro quality about them and add instant sex appeal to any outfit. You should be careful though as you might come off looking like R2D2 especially when messing around with gold patterns.

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